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Kindness. Have you done one today?

With the struggles of daily life and the persistent darkness we see globally, it is only natural to crawl back within ourselves. We often forget that kindness, no matter how small,  has a huge impact in our lives. 

Consider your team. Consider how each of them carries burdens, insecurities, and experiences that you know about. It could have been dark, lonely, and painful, but who would know with the smile they bring to work each day?

The truth is, you can’t know. 

The great thing about kindness is that it does not need to be grand — even the simplest gesture can make a difference in someone’s life.

In this changing workplace landscape, with a lot of uncertainty around us, how can you reach out to someone in the virtual work?

As a leader, it may be giving them space to be vulnerable. Give them opportunities to speak up about their struggles balancing work and home. Offer a listening ear, without being judgmental.  Provide realistic timelines in project completions.  Plan meeting agenda thoughtfully. Engage in meaningful conversations. And the list goes on…

Everyone has dealt with difficulty, and many people are still making it through their valley. We don’t have to make it harder for others, just as we wouldn’t want them to make it harder for us. It is time to allow others to lean on us if we are able to help.

As the old saying goes, “little goes a long way.”


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