Bright Mango Consulting is a Niagara-based company that works with organizations in developing their most important asset — their people. 

It offers high-impact training programs that enable organizations to create an environment where employees can maximize their talents, feel empowered, and thrive in their roles.  This results to higher employee satisfaction, higher productivity, increased profitability, and better retention.

Bright Mango Consulting is proud to be an Authorized Partner of  Everything DiSC®  and The Five Behaviors™ .

Build Better Workplaces

Great workplaces are about building effective relationships, one person at a time.

Discover how Bright Mango Consulting can help your organization thrive!

Help your people succeed

Invest in your most important Asset


Building productive workplace environment
Improved Management Communications
Increased SAles


Discover of personal sales style Recognition of customers’ differences Strategies to adapt sales approaches to customer needs

Successfully Engage, Motivate and Develop Teams​

Teach managers to successfully engage, motivate, and develop their people.

transforming destructive behavior into productive responses

Have self-awareness around reactions to conflict and learn the steps to change responses from destructive to productive

What Others Are Saying

"Lani was our Training and ISO Manager when Hornblower Niagara Cruises was starting up. Her methodical thinking, strong organizational skills, coupled with her ability to build effective relationships, enabled us to be certified in three ISO Standards in our first year of operations! Her style of facilitation, whether with New Hires or our Leadership Team, was always engaging and thought-provoking. Her passion for what she does always shines through, and the results speak for it."
Mory DiMaurizio
VP & GM of Hornblower Niagara Cruises
"We would like to thank Bright Mango Consulting and Lani Lirio, Founder and Learning Specialist, for facilitating the Effective Communications Workshop for Hamilton Public Library’s (HPL) Google IT Support Professional Certificate scholarship learners. HPL values discovery and learning with equitable access to knowledge and Lani has generously shared her expertise with us. HPL learners now have a richer understand of the important of soft skills in their job search and in all aspects of their lives. We are looking forward to having Lani again to support HPL’s learning community."
Jennie Hamilton
Digital Technology Assistant, Hamilton Public Library