Reconnect with your Virtual Team

Culture serves as a foundation for success. Yet, actively shaping culture remains one of the hardest things to do in an organization. With the emergence of virtual workplaces, shaping culture has become more elusive.

The effects of COVID-19 have shifted from momentary disruption to long-term impact. For many organizations, what was once an engaged, collaborative culture is starting to emerge as a discouraged, disconnected, and distracted workforce.

Working from home, though it has its benefits, just isn’t the same as being together in the office. The uncertainty of this new – mostly virtual – working environment is demanding people to stretch in unforeseen ways.

The need for leaders to connect with their teams has become more apparent. Some have become creative in engaging their teams — from virtual trivia nights, to virtual “after 5” drinks, to virtual “Zumba lunch breaks”. This is a step in re-connecting with them. But does this resonate with all? Is there more that can be done?

In other words, how do leaders shape their virtual culture in a way that brings out the best in their people?

Getting to know their employee’s DiSC Style is one of way of re-connecting with each employee. By doing so, leaders learn the best way to engage with each team member by understanding their values, their priorities, their motivators, and their stressors.

All of which are key in communicating with them more effectively, and help them thrive, not just survive, in this new reality.

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