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Are you Preparing or Pre-occupying?

Take a step back. Take a deep breath. Be still. Consider where you are right now.

Did you read that? Consider where you are right now. Not consider the meeting with your team tomorrow. Not consider your new communication strategy. Not consider how you want to boost employee morale. Consider the present moment now.

It is in our nature to provide for our tomorrows. To prepare for the unknown. To let all of our future responsibilities cloud our today. But it must happen within reason – within boundaries.

Of course, it is important to set ourselves up for what we have upcoming in our lives. In fact, it is essential. But we must be mindful and think “Am I preparing or preoccupying?”

Now the difference between these two is that preparing is to “make ready” while to preoccupy is to “engross the mind” – to exclusively think of one thing. If we exclusively about the future, we lose all sight of today.

Not only are the day’s little joys and needs of others unnoticed by us, but we don’t work efficiently either. How can we prepare for tomorrow when our needs today are unattended to? This puts you a step behind for your upcoming tasks, as you ignore yourself and the responsibilities around you right now.

Then again, no one said it is easy to stay in the present. Anxiety can get the better of everyone, especially when ignored or even unnoticed. So why not take some steps to better plan for the future, so you can be present today?

This can include updating a cluttered calendar, dividing big projects into smaller tasks, setting personal deadlines you want to meet, or setting up a cut-off time – where, once it is the time you decide on, all work gets put aside for some personal time.

It is always important to prepare for tasks, whether big or small. But it proves even more important to know you are not preoccupying yourself with the future. This way, your team members, your loved ones, and yourself, can see the best version of you shine.

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