A Work in Process

When does our quest for self-improvement end? When we take our last breath. But between now and then, we are an ongoing project. A work in process. Always improving. Never stagnant.

Self-improvement does not happen automatically. It requires constant, systematic, and disciplined personal development. There are books to read, people to meet (thank goodness for Zoom!), and new places to discover (although this has come to a halt for now!).

Our personal growth can be painful. I see it as a privilege, though it may feel like a burden at times. Here are some things that I’ve been pondering on, that push me to grow a little each day:

  • Learn to thrive on challenge and change.
  • It’s hard to learn from a mistake you don’t acknowledge making.
  • Get feedback from family, friends, bosses, peers, clients, on how you can be better.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something you don’t think you can do. You may surprise yourself and you’ll probably enjoy it.
  • Develop a unique style.
  • Consider how you make a bigger impact with your time, money, and talents.
  • Seeing is better than looking.
  • Listening is better than hearing.
  • Doing is better than talking.

Each day is an opportunity to grow. Our will to grow begins with attitude — prepare our heart, and program our mind for self-improvement. I believe that we are not designed to be stagnant or sluggish in any respect.

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